Tuesday23 April 2019

William Light Project


Inspired visionary and South Australian founder William Light is the namesake of our foundation. Hero of the Napoleonic Wars

The William Light Project is the culmination of over a decade of intensive research by historian Nigel Carney, piecing together the extraordinary tale of the founding of South Australia. An eccentric cast of characters around the world weave together the elaborate tale of free settlement in the promised land of opportunity, South Australia.

The story of Colonel William Light takes us into the Napoleoinic War years, aboard the Steamship Nile, exploring Egypt, romantic travels through Europe, and the final battle of his life to found and settle the City of Adelaide in the New British Province of South Australia. 

The William Light Project is an ambitious, multifaceted undertaking which presents South Australian history as it has never been seen before. In addition to non fiction publication, the William Light Project is an extensive online multimedia archive of images, scanned documents and historical commentaries aimed at students, researchers and the interested public alike. 

Currently in draft. 

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