Tuesday23 April 2019

David Unaipon Project

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Prime Mover: The Story of David Unaipon

The face of David Unaipon circulates each day on our fifty dollar note but the story of this unique Australian is largely unknown until now. 

South Australian Historian Nigel Carney has uncovered the life journey of Unaipon, from his birth into the Ngurrindjeri nation of the Coorong to his extensive career as an inventor, preacher, author and lecturer. Considered the Da Vinci of Australia, Unaipon devoted much of his life to the pursuit of perpetual motion. 

The story of David Unaipon is nothing less than fascinating and bizarre, shining a light as much on the culture of South Australia as the man himself. Despite his polymathic genius, Unaipon was a humble man who endured defamation, grueling court cases, exploitation and outright theft of intellectual property.

As we move forward into the age of free energy, the time has come to celebrate this unsung visionary Australian thinker.

Currently in draft. 

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