Tuesday23 April 2019

Flinders Ranges


The William Light Foundation is based in the iconic Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

The Flinders Ranges has a fascinating history of the Adnyamathanha people, the rise of pastoralism and over a century of mining. The unique outback towns scattered throughout the area are home to eclectic communities.

The staggering beauty and natural history of the Flinders Ranges attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. One of the most geologically diverse places on earth, the area contains some of the most ancient known rock formations and key Ediacaran fossils.

There is a great diversity of birds and other wildlife in the Flinders Ranges, with many rare species living in niche habitats. As rugged and wild as the Flinders Ranges is, the ecological balance is delicate. Water is scarce, and aquifer fed springs are vitally important to all life.

The William Light Foundation is proud to act as an advocate for the communities and environment of the Flinders Ranges.

Currently the William Light Foundation is leading a legal campaign to avert Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) - the catastrophic industry that caused QLD’s worst pollution event in history - from establishing in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

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